• How old should I be to participate in Supa3?

In-line with the rules and regulations of the National Gaming Board of Uganda, participants must be at least 25 years old to participate in Supa 3.

• How do I win with Supa3?

Supa 3 offers you three ways to win for your Ugx1,000 ticket;

1) Match ANY two numbers and win 2x your bet.

2) Match ALL three numbers in Order and win 200x your bet

3) Every Ugx1,000 you bet gets you 1 free entry into the Supa Jackpot were players have the opportunity to play live on air to win UGX50M and above.

• How will the jackpot winner be picked?

A weekly draw is conducted under the supervision of the Gaming Board in which four players are selected to play live on air for that weeks Supa Jackpot.

The above mentioned players are randomly selected by Supa 3’s internationally certified Random Number Generator. Players are selected using their unique 6 letter alphanumeric ticket ID, which they are issued whenever they purchase a ticket.

Once five players are chosen, by the above mentioned mechanic, they have the opportunity to play live on air to win that weeks Supa Jackpot. They do this by each selecting two cards each, and whichever two select the Supa Jackpot cards are then entered into the final round. In the final round they then select one card each, if the jackpot is not won it increases by UGX.50million

• In case of the 10 minute draws, how do I know if I have won?

Supa 3 is unique in the sense that it allows players to participate directly to and from their mobile money wallet. No need to register and account, just play instantly from your mobile money account. Once a player wins they are instantly paid their winnings back into their mobile money account.

• How much does it cost to play?

You can play for as little as Ugx1,000, up to Ugx50,000. The more you bet the more you stand to win and the more free entries you get into this weeks Supa Jackpot.

• Can I buy more than one ticket?

One can purchase as many tickets as they like on Supa 3. But we recommend that you play sensibly and within your means. That is why we have a strong responsible gaming charter that can be found on our website, under the Play Responsibly tab.

Remember Supa 3 is a means of entertainment and not a profession, so we urge you to play responsibly.

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